Crafted by hand from start to finish | Designed, printed & packed in-house

| what we offer

Orchard Letterpress executes full design services and multiple printing and finishing methods to produce the perfect printed goods for your event or business.

  • letterpress printing from traditional metal or wood type (everything from notecards to broadsides/posters)

  • letterpress printing from polymer plates (for custom designs, logos, photographs, etc.)

  • illustrations and lettering

  • hot foil stamping

  • embossing

  • relief printing (from wood or linoleum blocks)

  • edge painting

  • envelope lining (solid or patterned paper liners, or custom printed liners)

Looking for custom work without the letterpress printing? That’s great, too! We’d love to create something with you.

Printmaking is fundamentally a collaboration - between artist, tools, and the client - and this idea is carried through each piece created at Orchard. Our work has an emphasis on quality materials and solid design, always with a personal touch and a nod to the history of the craft.

Get in touch for:

  • Wedding Stationery (Everything from Save the Dates and full invitation suites to menus, programs, and escort cards)

  • Personal Stationery (Notecards, envelopes…)

  • Social Stationery (Party invitations, moving notices, baby announcements…)

  • Business Stationery (We can work with a logo or brand specs you already have, or start from scratch!)

  • Holiday & Greeting Cards

  • Fine Art prints (Have a poster idea? Want to make an edition of prints?)

| technique & materials

Letterpress is a centuries-old method of printing which involves a hands-on approach to go from sketch to finished product. Imagery or type is assembled on the bed of a printing press, the ink is freshly mixed and distributed on the rollers, and then each piece of paper is fed by hand into the press one at a time. When pressure is applied, the inked letters or images are pressed into the paper, often resulting in a tactile impression.

There is no other method of printing that produces the distinct aesthetic of letterpress 

Traditionally, it is wood or metal type that is used to compose the text for a letterpress project. In recent years, printers have also begun to use polymer (plastic) plates, which allow the printing of custom illustrations, calligraphy, logos, and even photographs.

Equipment: We print on a mid-century Vandercook Universal I or Golding Jobber No. 6 printing press from the early 1900’s

Paper: Our paper comes from a local Brooklyn company and is 100% cotton (tree-free), biodegradable and acid-free, meaning it will maintain its integrity for many years to come.

Ink: We print with rubber-based inks and use the Pantone Matching System to mix any color, including fluorescents. Shiny metallics or opaque flat colors can also be achieved through hot foil stamping.

| next stePs: design & Printing

We’re happy to offer free consultations, whether in the studio in Brooklyn or by phone/email. Though it’s great to meet in person, living in NYC is not necessary! We’ll work together to determine your basic project needs and begin the design process. Five rounds of layouts/design are included in your quote. We’ll experiment with type, design and add any custom illustrations or lettering.

Once you have approved the proofs via digital PDF, materials are ordered and the printing begins. Each color required for your project calls for its own printing plate, as well as a separate run on the printing press, since only one color can be printed at a time.


We offer several ways to put a personal spin on your project such as:

  • edge painting

  • corner-rounding

  • envelope lining

  • printed wraps (belly-bands)


We print return mailing addresses on envelope flaps or your mailing address on response cards. However, we do not offer printing of individual recipient addresses. If you would like calligraphy or digital printing for this, we know several talented people we’d be happy to connect you with.

| pricing & details

Since most jobs printed at Orchard are custom from start to finish, pricing is dependent on several variables including: quantity, paper stock choice, colors, complexity of design, and timeline.

The initial consultation is free of charge, and if we decide to work together, a deposit of an estimated 50% is required in order to begin design work and order materials. The remainder is due upon completion of the project.

Pricing Form: we’d be happy to provide you with some general outlines and common packages to get started.

Etiquette Form: If you’re looking for wedding stationery or just need help with wording for a special event invitation, we can also send you a guide for etiquette and phrasing.

More details about our materials and custom ordering can be found on our FAQ page:

Want to collaborate?

| privacy policy

Orchard Letterpress respects your privacy and personal information. All information that you share will be kept completely confidential. I will only ask you for the information that is necessary in carrying out your service. This can include your business phone number, shipping address, location and time for your event, etc.

| artwork copyrights & content permission

All illustrations, designs, and logos produced by Jes Hughes / Orchard Letterpress are protected by copyright and may not be used or copied without notice and permission.

By entering into a production agreement, you acknowledge that your finished products may be used by Orchard Letterpress for future advertisement, promotion, and work samples.